• 1.ODM service?

    For those whose products need to be improved, created or revised with new style or get around the patent claim, DSQ design and engineer department will promise faithfully to provide quality, cost, processing and consider totally the balanced point to commercialized the design when the customers offered the original concept or idea. After communicating with customers, we are able to provide total solution and suggestion no matter in material selection, surface treatment, packing or testing. It will help our customers to save a lot of time and money in the early stage of design. We use the latest engineer concept, machinery technic, updated technology to design and manufacture the products/tooling/gage/fixture. We called all professional key persons together to attend the new project meeting and make up a core team, All products are born with team work efforts. All customer's documents and material are maintained confidentially, we took them as our obligation and win customers high confidence and trust. Through reliable service, we expect to establish long-term partnership with our customers.

  • 2.OEM service?

    We welcome wholeheartedly customers to offer drawing, sample or idea to let us manufacture and provide service for you. DSQ is not only a manufacture but also a collaborator in designing, communicating and coordinating. We also play the role of consultant in design concept, material, processing, packing and all related technical issues. Powered by effective manufacturing capability and experience, excellent team with high class performance in planing and evaluating and monitoring, we certainly have high confidence in providing reasonable low price, zero defect demand in quality or one-stop total solution in OEM assembly project. Our products are applied in various business field such as automobile, motorcycle, electronics, computer, communication, PCB assembly, IC socket, USB parts, plug, socket, cell phone, net work, battery charger, power supply, hard ware, lamp seat, shield-er case, desktop computer, PDA, Lead Frame, plastic housing, home appliance, battery contact, push button, computer mouse , switch , antenna , fuse , machine shield case , wire harness , medical appliance , machine , game play machine, EMI shield-er, and various metal parts , lathing pins, round pins, wire forming, slide forming, connector, terminal components business, assembly unit business, etc. To meet customer demand in surface treatment, we also offer various plating service such as gold, silver,tin, nickel, zinc, Pd-Nickel, anodizing, dip plating, hanging plating, basket plating, selective plating, E-coating, etc. Once you provide DSQ an opportunity to cooperate with you, the whole DSQ personnel will do our best to go for it and to become your reliable supporter. Depending on speed , innovation and top-quality spirit, DSQ provide you an easy mind and trustworthy service. We are willing to expect you to be our long-term partner. And we welcome your visit.

  • 3.Prototype service?

    The purpose of prototype service is to solve our customer doubt , uncertainty, variety in design, the customers can use the samples to test and modify the initial design, Any mistake occurred in design will cause a lot of loss in facility investment, production launch or quality defective claim. The customers' loss is also DSQ loss, we hope all projects can run successfully to attend the goal of mutual benefit. To provide prototype service is to win customer's confidence, trust and to set up long term relationship

  • 4.Total Solution?

    One-stop service and total solution will satisfy the customers' various requirement, the progress in our company various industries,Our company has become the gathering center of wide variety components manufacturing. It is also our competitive to have production center in our company. We accumulate many years professional technology and knowledge as our base, and make use of local experience in our company. We has built a strong supply chain which consist of suppliers with high quality, competitive price and similar view. We has been connected as competitive service chain, DSQ provide various OEM, ODM service from product design, tooling design, production launch, secondary process, heat treatment, plating, various surface treatment to part assembly and "package service". It alll depends on customer's demand, All your requirement will be monitored by one supplier "DSQ" who will coordinate all related vendors. Hence, we are able and all your purchasing need.

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